Phyllis Weiss Haserot

Phyllis Weiss Haserot, dubbed “the Cross-Generational Voice," passionately champions cross-generational conversation at work and strongly identifies with three generations in the workplace today. She brings an unusual combination of marketing, conflict resolution, and organizational effectiveness expertise to help organizations solve sensitive intergenerational challenges that can hinder client attraction and retention, productivity, succession planning and knowledge transfer.

Phyllis is the President of PRACTICE DEVELOPMENT COUNSEL, a business development and organizational effectiveness consulting and coaching firm she founded over 25 years ago. Through her onsite, off-site and conference programs, webcasts, *Cross-Generational Conversation* Forums, monthly e-alerts and articles she has established a reputation as a “go-to" person on workplace intergenerational issues.

A trailblazer in legal and professional services marketing, she is the author of two books on marketing/business development, The Rainmaking Machine (Thomson Reuters - latest edition 2015) and The Marketer's Handbook of Tips & Checklists as well as the upcoming You Can't Google it! the Compelling Case for Cross Generational Conversation at Work .

A frequent speaker, facilitator, and a blogger on intergenerational issues and business development for, Next Avenue, Legal Executive Institute, Huffington Post and others, Phyllis is the owner/manager of the Cross-Generational Conversation group on LinkedIn and the founder of Cross-Generational Conversation Day. Learn more here .

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