Larissa Marcontell Sonnen

Larissa Sonnen is Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of PFI Advisors LLC. She handles the day-to-day operations of the firm and provides experience and expertise both in the breakaway part of the business, as well as the technology and operations consulting engagements for existing RIAs. A former AXA financial advisor, she worked exclusively with high net worth clients and business owners, which provides her the detailed insights to make a wirehouse team's transition to independence as seamless as possible. Rounding out her career, she headed Operations for a division of Schwarzkopf Professional, managing Customer Service centers in the U.S. When Schwarzkopf was sold to a German conglomerate, she oversaw the systems transition to SAP and managed her Finance division's move to the Philippines.

Being an entrepreneur has been a key part of her professional development. From age 16, she owned and managed a successful equestrian business that ultimately put her through college. Larissa studied at the University of Twente in the Netherlands and graduated with honors from California State University, Northridge with majors in both Business Law and Marketing. In her spare time, she is a private pilot and continues to be actively involved in the equestrian world. Learn more here .