Greg Allen

Greg has been doing corporate negotiations for nearly twenty years with companies including Applied Materials, Intermec Technologies, Honeywell, and Vivint Smart Home. A unique series of events led him to negotiation for individuals and to the team at Vestia. Greg’s brother, an orthopedic surgeon, asked him to look over an employment contract as a second opinion. Greg read the contract and gave many recommendations to make the contract better for his brother, both financially and for his quality of life. He took it a step further to actually sketch out the negotiation process and how to prioritize the various “asks.” Greg’s brother was impressed with the process and results, as were others that reviewed the final outcome, and they began referring colleagues. Referrals from those colleagues followed, and Greg soon had a thriving negotiation consulting business. According to Greg, “There is leverage in every situation - sometimes you just have to get creative to find it. Often small and seemingly insignificant things can be huge lever points in a negotiation.” Learn more here.

Stories by Greg Allen

  • The Art of Negotiating Your Contract

    Mar 14, 2021

    When it comes time for you to sign your contract, have you ever questioned whether or not you are being compensated for what you are worth?