Dr. Mikol Davis. Ed.D

Dr. Mikol Davis, Ed.D, is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in geriatrics and the emotional challenges of aging. He has been a mental health provider for 40 years, working with individuals and families of all kinds, and all ages. Currently, he focuses on age related difficulties such as loss of cognitive ability, dementia, depression and anxiety. He serves business owners needing to “pass the torch" but with difficulty giving up power. He assesses capacity for financial decisions and other decision making abilities. He and his wife Carolyn Rosenblatt, an RN and attorney founded Aging Parents in 2007, counseling families who need help with transitions and difficult decisions about their elders. They also expanded the business into Aging Investor , an educational and training source for those in financial services, helping them plan for best practices in managing their aging clients.

Stories by Dr. Mikol Davis. Ed.D