Darryl Smith

I've been a Financial Advisor for over 20 years, and started my independent practice in 2000. As a teenager, I spent my summer's working on a relative's dairy farm, tending livestock and helping with the haying season. When I was 17 my Uncle was hurt in an accident on the farm, I left school for few weeks to take over his responsibilities on the farm. Running a farm involves a lot of risk from uncooperative weather, livestock issues and more. I remember every day we would listen closely to the radio at lunch for the current prices were for livestock. There is nothing easy about being a farmer. There is nothing easy about running any business. There is nothing easy about running your business. I don't know if you've ever considered the realities of owning and operating a blue-collar business like yours, they aren't that much different from a dairy farmer's business and their inherent risks. Farmers fear bad weather and disease and market prices for livestock and crops, these are unpredictable events but they are known events (probabilities). They can plan ahead as best they can. What I've seen many times with many blue-collar businesses is that they often don't know how to or take the time to plan for unknown events and how it may impact their businesses. There's the risk of injury, sickness or even holding onto a business for too long. Connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn . Learn more here .

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