Al Emid

Al Emid has always worked in communicating important ideas. As a an established financial journalist his byline appears in several countries and he has covered the entire spectrum of financial topics, ranging from personal financial planning through to global finance. As an author he has written and co-written several financial books. His upcoming Report on Volatility 2021 describes the forces currently at work after the recent American election and in the post Covid 19 world (when we get there) and strategies for investors to deal with them. He also has a long track record in writing about the Middle East and is the author of the upcoming Emid Reports on the Middle East. As a broadcaster he produces the financial podcast entitled Indepth Investing with Gavin Graham. This involves all tasks normally associated with that position and includes shepherding the program to distribution. He has been an Advisorpedia contributor for over two years. Learn more here.

Stories by Al Emid

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