Maximizing Annuities with Tax-Efficient Withdrawal Strategies

It’s time to learn about safe withdrawal rates in your retirement.

Ryan Poterack and Alec Quaid are diving into the important topic of safe withdrawal rates in retirement planning. They highlight how the traditionally accepted percentage of 4% for withdrawal rates has been impacted by fluctuating interest rates and market conditions over the years. 

They also stress the importance of considering guaranteed income strategies, such as private annuities, to help clients navigate the complexities of retirement income planning. They explain how these strategies can provide stability and certainty in retirement, especially in managing the sequence of returns risk and longevity risk that retirees may face.

Ryan & Alec discuss: 

  • Safe withdrawal rates in retirement
  • Using private annuities for guaranteed income
  • Sequence of returns risk and its implications for retirees
  • Tax-efficient withdrawal strategies in retirement
  • And more

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