The Role of Alternative Investments in Investment Planning With Sam Miller

With market volatility and political uncertainty being a few reasons, the truth is that the investment market doesn’t always cooperate with our portfolios.

But as an advisor, how can alternative investments protect our client’s portfolios? Do you know?

In this episode, Robert Curtiss speaks with Sam Miller, the director of research and marketing at Signature Estate & Investment Advisors (SEIA). Sam talks about the role of alternative investments in building (and diversifying) a portfolio and the ways they are being integrated within existing client investment plans.

Sam discusses:

  • What you need to know about alternative investments
  • The four key tenets of SEIA’s due diligence process 
  • What kind of income and volatility do alternative investments face compared to public stock markets
  • How institutional investment strategies have trickled down to investment advisory firms and the changes that have been made for individuals rather than institutions
  • The value of identifying what’s important to your clients
  • And more!

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