Reviving Real Estate to Demolish the Housing Crisis with Scott Clark

Scott Clark is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The True Life Companies. The True Life Companies (TTLC) connects people of vision, property owners, investment partners, and municipalities, to generate and implement innovative solutions to our housing crisis.

In this podcast, Doug and Scott discuss how The True Life Companies is reviving and repurposing underutilized properties to provide housing communities and a piece of the American dream for the younger generation.

They also discussed:

  • The launching of TTLC, its mission, and how the firm has evolved
  • The True Life Companies’ path to the advisory community
  • The company’s strategy for creating livable communities out of run-down pieces of real estate
  • The data TTLC uses to determine what geographical locations to assist in
  • Homeownership in the US and the struggle to find attainable and affordable housing

Resources: The True Life Companies