Rate Cuts, Resilience, and Returns with Anastasia Amoroso

Anastasia Amoroso serves as the Managing Director and Chief Investment Strategist at iCapital, a company dedicated to powering the world's alternative investment marketplace.

In this podcast, Anastasia and Doug engage in a conversation regarding the 2024 Federal Reserve rate cuts and the potential consequences they may entail.

They also discussed:

  • Anastasia Amoroso's journey to becoming the Managing Director and Chief Investment Strategist at iCapital.
  • The January Fed decision to hold interest rates and the expectations for future rate cuts.
  • The potential effects of a rate cut on the markets and historical trends.
  • The strength of the current economy and its resilience to higher interest rates.
  • Potential stress points in the markets, including refinancing challenges and US government debt.
  • Top investment ideas for the year, including opportunities in private equity, private credit, and venture capital.

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