Model Portfolios for Modern Investing With Kunal Shah

Kunal Shah is the Managing Director and Head of Private Asset Research and Model Portfolios at the Global FinTech firm – iCapital.

In this podcast, Doug and Kunal explore the rising interest in alternative investments, emphasizing the importance of education, data-driven model portfolios, and technological advancements to simplify and optimize advisor investment strategies.

Topics discussed:

  • The abilities of alternative investments, citing their capabilities to provide lower correlation, enhanced returns, and different income sources compared to traditional public markets.
  • Educational barriers and structural challenges advisors face when incorporating alternative investments.
  • Introduction to a new model portfolio focusing on alternative investments, which provides guidance on allocation among different asset classes such as private equity, private credit, and real assets.
  • The development of the model portfolio which involved extensive data analysis, performance review, and optimization to ensure high risk-adjusted returns through a diversified and balanced approach.
  • The model portfolio availability on the iCapital marketplace for all advisors, with plans to introduce more portfolios targeting different outcomes and allowing for customization based on client needs.
  • How model portfolios simplify the integration of alternative investments, helping advisors meet client demands, diversify portfolios, and potentially attract more clients.
  • Upcoming technology enhancements, including a multi-investment workflow, and the launch of the new portfolio analytics solution, Architect, aimed at making the investment process more efficient and seamless for advisors.

Resources: iCapital

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