Diversify Client Portfolios Through Commercial Real Estate with Sheldon Chang

Sheldon Chang is the President of CrowdStreet Advisors, a company that provides investment advisory services exclusively to privately managed accounts and private funds. They also help advisors incorporate commercial real estate (CRE) into their clients’ portfolios.

Doug and Sheldon talked about the unique opportunity CrowdStreet gives to advisors and their clients to advance their portfolios. 

They also discussed:

  • Sheldon’s diverse background in the industry and how he arrived at CrowdStreet Advisors
  • The role CrowdStreet plays in the industry to allow access to great investment opportunities 
  • The return of economic and demographic trends that are impacting advisors
  • Why CrowdStreet focuses on projects in growing cities
  • How CrowdStreet is working to make CRE more accessible to advisors

Resources: CrowdStreet Advisors

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