Data-Driven Decisions: Key Insights from Hamilton Lane's Market Overview with Jackie Rantanen

Hamilton Lane is a firm with a mission to offer superior financial well-being through tailored private market solutions, driven by over 30 years of client focus and innovation.

Jackie Rantanen sits as the Head of Investor Solutions within the Evergreen Portfolio Management team, also serving as a member of the Investment, Responsible Investment and Executive Committees.

We’ve asked Jackie to run us through Hamilton Lane's global client service, providing insights on their evolving strategies as well as navigating the world’s volatile 2024 landscape.

Topics also discussed:

  • Hamilton Lane and its over $900 billion in assets under management, serving institutional and private wealth investors worldwide.
  • The shift in the investment landscape with alternatives gaining prominence due to shrinking public markets and increasing opportunities in private markets, leading to a need for exposure and diversification.
  • How Hamilton Lane adapted to the changing landscape by creating accessible structures for advisors and investors, simplifying processes, and providing education and transparency.
  • Hamilton Lane's commitment to education and information-sharing, leveraging its extensive database and technology to empower advisors and clients with knowledge about private markets.
  • Key findings from Hamilton Lane's comprehensive market overview, including persistent outperformance of private markets, fair valuations, and the importance of data-driven analysis.
  • Challenges such as global elections and technological advancements, emphasizing the resilience of private markets and the importance of data-oriented decision-making for investors.

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