Why Your Starting a New Position Post on LinkedIn, Isn’t Social Selling

There is a very large CRM vendor, who I'm sure have told their staff to put something on social about their change of role.

Often companies tell their employees to "be more social" without actually understanding what that means or the consequences.

Let's remind ourselves what social selling is...

"Using your presence and behavior on Social Media to build influence,

make connections, grow relationships and trust, which leads to

conversation and commercial interaction."

How do you measure social selling?

There are two measures a business can use, how many meetings / leads / conversations you get and the amount of revenue you close. Simple as.

How is a new position post helping me to make my number?

Now you can use a "starting a new position" post to help you get more leads and meetings but

1. Your network is shit as you are only connected to colleagues, x colleagues and recruitment consultants.  This means your activity won't create new conversations or new revenue. So what's the point? You might "get lucky" and maybe a customer will spot that post and they might want to talk to you, but to be honest, you are not going to crush your number.

If you are like me, we need leads and meetings and some random post on social isn't going to crack it. 

2. You also won't be trained in any social selling methodology so won't understand how to harvest any of the activity.

It's all about visibility Tim

Maybe this CRM vendor is about "visibility" which as we have seen from the above is generating nothing (no leads or revenue) for the business, so it's just noise and adds nothing.

Some people would call it corporate spam.

Why I love these posts

In our social selling and influence course we explain and coach sales people on having a digital identity. This is being "known" for something in the digital space.

What does that mean? Imagine you are walking around a conference and people who know you, shout your name and wave. Some come up to you and ask you how you are. Some people come up to you and tell you they are moving on, which gives you an opportunity to have a sell at a new company.

Imagine that but in a digital space.

I'm known for social selling.

Why do I like these "starting a new position" posts?

Because everyone I find, I like and comment.

That means that every person gets a wave from me.

A new sales director (my target market) gets a new position and just as he / she starts they will be reminded of me and social selling.

I doubt this CRM vendor get anything from these posts, I reckon they are wasting their time.

But me? I get loads. 

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