Why Video Is the New Non-Negotiable Tool for Financial Advisors with Akeiva Ellis

Lights, camera, action! 

Don’t let that phrase send a chill down your spine. Video is having a moment, and you can’t afford to ignore it.   

In this episode, Matt Halloran is joined by Akeiva Ellis — financial educator, money coach, and co-founder of The Bemused, which has helped tens of thousands of young adults improve their finances through YouTube video content, online education, and coaching programs. Drawing from her own experience, she shares how you can start creating video content now to build trust with clients and prospects, even if you don’t feel camera-ready. 

Matt and Akeiva discuss:

  • How anyone can learn the necessary skills and get comfortable in front of the camera
  • Why the right mindset is crucial before hitting ‘record’
  • How a minimal and inexpensive setup can still look and sound great
  • The different use cases and versatility of video
  • The appeal of visual content for everyone from Boomers to Gen Z
  • What to focus on – and the metrics to track – instead of traditional dollars and cents ROI
  • Why intention is important for your calls-to-action
  • And more

I think every advisor should really be getting comfortable with video, because it really allows for people to see you and your personality and what makes you unique.” ~Akeiva Ellis

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