Why Every Advisor Needs To Read This Book


As we officially enter the year's final stretch, I’d like to share a book I read during my recent vacation and why I strongly recommend all my clients to read it, too.

10x is Easier Than 2x by Benjamin Hardy and Dan Sullivan is about achieving more by doing less. This book has had a profound impact on my professional and personal life. And I truly believe that being a financial advisor is the perfect platform to play a 10x game.

In this episode, I talked about the following:

  • (04:07) What is 10x versus 2x?
  • (08:25) Why most advisors get caught up in the “doing” game
  • (15:46) Why advisors should stop being all things to all people
  • (16:20) What you never want your clients to do
  • (17:34) Why this industry is a good place start for young advisors

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