What Investors Are Searching for Amid COVID-19 and the Economic Downturn

What are investors searching for right now amidst the coronavirus pandemic and the stock market turmoil? I'm Samantha Russell from Twenty Over Ten and today I'm going to share with you four interesting searches that we have found are trending very high right now via Google Trends and talk with you about how you can create content around the search terms to drive more qualified leads to your website.

Search 1- What Should I Do With My 401k Right Now?

Okay, so the first one I want to talk about is the search "What should I do with my 401k right now?" This is an incredibly popular search term trending on Google Trends and actually a week and a half ago, it reached the ranking of 100. So Google Trends will rank search terms from 0, which is not trending at all, to 100 which is the most popular it can be. And it hit a hundred. There are so many investors out there right now who are invested in the stock market through their 401K. They do not have a financial advisor, they're invested through their employer-sponsored plan. They put their money in every month and then they don't think about it, right.

And all of a sudden something like this happens where we are seeing historic downturns and everyone is getting really nervous and they're not sure what they should be doing. So they're going to Google looking for advice for articles for content. You want to write articles about what should I do with my 401k right now. Now, here's a tip. Make sure that you're titling your article the exact same way that somebody would search for it. So you want to title it as a question, use the exact same terminology and keywords that the person doing the search would use themselves. That's crucially important for being able to rank high. Okay, so that was the first one.

Search 2- Small Business Owners During A Coronavirus

The second one is "small business owners during a coronavirus." So this helps us understand that there are a lot of small businesses out there that need help - they're not sure how they should go about applying for the Paycheck Protection Program, they’re not sure what loans they qualify for, or what they should be doing when it comes to the stimulus bill, and how they should be thinking about their own workers or staff for taxes, right? So if you work with small businesses, you want to provide content that is specific to them and will be helpful to them and send it out to them in an email,  put it on your blog. But think about using those keywords - small business owners during Coronavirus.

Search 3- What Is The Outlook For The Economy?

The next one that we found that is trending is "What is the outlook for the economy?" And this is a question nobody really knows the answer to, but you can write an article looking back at what's happened in the past, historically how economies have rebounded after pandemics or after big downturns. People again are looking for this and so you want to provide the information to them and help them parse through all the noise. There are so many news organizations that are trying to use fear to get people to click in their articles. You want to be the level-headed voice of reason out there providing insight to your clients and your prospects.

Search 4- Is Now The Time To Buy Stocks?

And then the last one that we've seen really kind of trending up and then it went down for a little bit then went back up is "Is now the time to buy stocks." So that was a search term that was trending on Google as well. Investors are looking for advice. If you're a younger investor, and you've heard so many times from people we want to buy in when the market is low, but maybe you're nervous. Should I move a bunch of money and buy stocks? What if I'm going to lose my job? And then you hear that there are all these great unemployment benefits, and you'll actually get an extra six hundred bucks a week. And so people think okay, maybe I would be okay. They don't know what they should or shouldn't do, and so they're looking online for advice. You want to be able to write articles that give the advice that they're looking for right?

So How Can You Use This Data?

So again, how are you going to leverage this data in your own content? I'll link to the blog post that we have outlining these Google Trends that we're seeing, and how you can use it to propel and create your own content strategy.

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