Top 5 Skills Employers Look For in 2023


You have ‘em. I know you do.

Can you demonstrate them? Do you know which ones to shine the light on?

It’s important. Always. Just more important now.

Inflation is hovering around 6%.

Unemployment is roughly 3.6%.

Our US Fed is trying to manage inflation by raising interest rates.

We’re trying the disinflation thing which means a slowdown in the rate of inflation even though inflation is still positive.

The last 10 times this happened, for every 2% reduction in inflation, unemployment went up 3.6%. (That’s a historical fact.)

It’s linear-ish, so each 2% drop in inflation means 3.6% increase in unemployment.

So, let’s carry a few numbers.

That means if we want to get back down to ~ 2% inflation, we might be adding 7.2% to the unemployment rate = 10.8%.


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