THIS Organization Style Will Pull You Out of the Weeds

Many people get stuck in the weeds each day.

“In The Weeds” is where all the noise is. It is layer upon layer of data that in many cases is OLD and not relevant to today’s challenges. Today’s world is moving at an incredible speed – faster and faster it goes. It’s hard to believe the end of the year is close.

To slow time down, to simplify it, to make each day richer, use my 1-4-5 Rule. As taught during my training sessions, the 1-4-5 Rule replaces your traditional to-do lists. Use your old to-do list as a “grass-catcher” list. From your grass-catcher list, pull the MOST Important item you need to accomplish that will create a successful day. By comprehending and identifying your single most important activity each day, you will pull yourself out of the weeds and you will not only create a successful day, but a successful week, month, and year. As you rise above the weeds, it will give you instant claritycalmness, security and positive energy. It will create the ultimate, proactive focus. When you zero in on the single most important accomplishment/priority every day, it will move you into a very powerful and proactive state. 

Yes, you will have many other items to accomplish each day, but you will focus on your Number1 accomplishment/priority for the day which will stop the noise, the spinning and the wasted time due to being overwhelmed. Again, it will pull you out of the weeds.

Once achieved, stop for a moment to feel good, then attach the next 4 priorities and then attach the next 5 priorities. This approach is focused and motivating. It’s so disappointing having 20 items on your to-do list and only achieving 10. The overwhelm takes over and decreases your productivity. Less is better. You can always add more to your list. The key to the 1-4-5 Rule is to determine your priorities and make them achievable. Therefore, when you look at your list, it’s not overwhelming. In fact, it will do the opposite. It will center you and provided a sense of control and confidence that you will stay on track and achieve your goals. 

Appreciate the Day. 

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