The World Has Changed, So Should Your 2023 Planning

I spotted this webinar by "Challenger sale" author, Nick Toman, who is now at SBI Growth Advisory.

In it Nick said

"CEOs need to get off their back foot and be more explicit about their go-to-market direction amidst the emerging recession—however, more often than not, they don’t know where to begin."

The problem we see is that to many companies are looking at pre-covid campaigns and techniques, when we all know that the world has changed. 

We know that you must be 

1. Transferring your marketing budget to digital, so moving away from events and conferences and investing as we know that the results from such events are declining. Building a strategy that you "hope" somebody will walk past your stand in the world of digital is a non-starter.

2. Move away from a reliance on email, whether that is newsletters or using it to try and start conversations. With a 97% failure rate, this isn't one we really can be presenting to the board as a key go-to-market.

3. Empower the sales team to be able to have digital conversations, walk digital corridors. In the past sales people could go to a clients office and "pop-in" and see people. Now they need to be able to do this digitally. This is about knowing social, how to use it in a modern way.

4. Be the leading technical and commercial influencer in your market or sector.  In the old days we would want to have an article in the local trade magazine, now we can create this ourselves by using live-streaming. By being the technical commercial influencer in our sector we set the narrative of the market. We are the sector anchor and the agenda and our competition then have to call to our tune. 

By doing these 4 simple things, this will give you the pipeline you need, increase your win rate, give you competitive advantage and increase your market share. 

Looks like 2023 will be a good year! 

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