The Voice of the Financial Advisor

When clients hear your voice they usually feel more confident about the economy and their financial future. When prospects hear your voice how do they feel? Communicating takes a lot of time effort and energy. I have noticed a massive difference in communications between top financial advisors and all other financial advisors. Top financial advisors have a stronger voice and are gaining traction, growing, and delivering more value and more communication. They find it easier to communicate, not stress over it. Financial advisors who don't have a voice are struggling to acquire ideal clients and move upmarket. How can you get your voice out there more? 

Multiple conversations

As a financial advisor when you meet with clients on a regular basis there seem to be similar questions similar conversations and similar patterns. How can you turn those conversations from 1 to 1 to 1 to many? I've noticed that working with top financial advisors they all seem to have a voice for clients prospects and centers of influence. Not only do they communicate on a regular basis but they use different forms of media to get their voice out and their message heard. Here are a few simple strategies to get your voice out. Remember always check with your branch manager and compliance officer before proceeding with any marketing activity.

  1. Radio shows
  2. Podcasts
  3. video communications
  4. webinars
  5. live events

What is your voice combination?

If you are not doing any of these activities or possibly one of these activities and I would strongly encourage you to look at what top advisors are doing. I notice that the most successful advisors have at least two activities to get their voices out. Let me share a few ideas with you.

Radio shows

Certain niches of clients do well with radio shows such as farmers and retirees. People that listen to a radio show OK that instant connection when they have a phone conversation or a Zoom meeting with you. Small and large communities have radio shows sponsored by financial advisors and have them on a regular basis so that people can hear their voice. 


you are either a fan of podcasts and listen and subscribe or you listen to an odd podcast once in a while. Imagine if you're looking for creative strategies to solve complex problems. Listening to prod cast won't solve their problems but you will be able to listen to someone who can hear your similar situation and solve a similar problem. For example, interviewing successful entrepreneurs and some of their challenges gets you in front of more business owners. Now imagine if your guest was a successful business owner do you think they would share it with friends family and who they are connected with? Get the idea?

to listen to a podcast I did with Jason Pereira on Mastermind groups click here

Video communications

People who know me know where I stand with video. I highly encourage video but I don't like to use it because every time I do my business grows. An easy way to get your voice out is through video. Besides doing client videos on a regular basis there are five key videos that I call your signature videos to produce.

  1. Intro video about who you serve and what you do for them
  2. lead magnet video geared towards ideal client's problems and solutions
  3. a video about who the advisor is and why they got into the industry
  4. A FAQ video to answer any ideal prospect questions
  5. your processes video And what are your processes to serve your clients and who your ideal clients are

A simple idea to get started is to do a 2-minute video on one idea that you would like to share. This gets the studio, the recording of all the details out, and gets you started. Now you have an excuse to get the communication out to clients, prospects, and centers of influence. The outcome is your voice and more communication. Recording a video is just an excuse for communication.


When the pandemic hit people turned to webinars. When the pandemic ended a lot of advisors stopped doing webinars. But some firms and advisors had a proven formula and continue to do webinars today. For example, if you want to become a thought leader in a certain area or topic, certain financial advisors continue using this successful formula over and over again. They have a schedule usually every two months and contact clients' prospects and centers of influence to get them to the webinar. This drives engagement which drives appointments which drives revenue and growth. Again it is the voice of the advisor that people are listening to you on the webinar.

Live events

This is the most costly and time-consuming activity for a financial advisor. Yet it always produces the highest results. To achieve better-than-average results think about this. You listen to an advisor on a radio show or a podcast. You may have signed up for a blog and got a video communication message. You might have been invited to a webinar or listened to a recorded webinar. You watched a few other videos that tell him about who they are what they do and who they work with. Then you get an invite to an event. Even though you have a current financial advisor your communication is a crappy e-mail newsletter. And you have a significant amount of wealth and you have not heard from the advisor or their voice for some time now. All of the work has done the heavy lifting in the prospects' journey. Now you know some secrets about how top financial advisors are growing their practice. Your voice can be your brand. 

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