The Surefire Way for Financial Advisors to Wreck Their Marketing Efforts

There’s one “tactic” in particular that financial advisors use in their marketing that wrecks their conversions and undermines their influence.

This tactic?


Before you gasp, realize this: If teaching was as profitable as you think, teachers would make more money.

But for some reason, financial advisors think that teaching is the only way to build credibility. Not only are there plenty of other ways to build credibility, but they’re all more effective too.

In today’s show, I reveal why educating wrecks your marketing efforts, how to build credibility without teaching, and how to boost your conversions across all your marketing campaigns.

Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • The single most important rule of financial advisor copywriting that you must obey if you want results (1:27) 
  • How to demonstrate your value in your marketing (without teaching and scaring away your best prospects) (4:31) 
  • Want to build your credibility without teaching? Here are 7 more effective ways to build credibility (8:24) 
  • How MLK’s “I Have A Dream” speech can boost your marketing conversions almost overnight (10:17) 
  • The “Centers of Influence” secret for using other people’s credibility to fuel your own (14:35) 
  • Why sharing your hobbies, personal interests, and favorite movies leads to more conversions than teaching (15:50)

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