The Power of Podcasting

I admit it: When it came to podcasting, I just didn’t get it.  Between cable TV, streaming services, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, WeChat, TicToc, WhatsApp, blogs, BLArticles®, and more, don’t we have enough ways to get information?  Despite being asked to start my own podcast, I kept asking myself, “Doesn’t the world have enough sources for information?”  Start a podcast?  I was armed with excuses.  

Excuse number one centered on the number of podcasts, and it’s a daunting number.  There are 2.4 million podcasts, which would certainly suggest that my poor little Pocket Sized Pep Talks would get buried.  That seemed like a good enough reason to sit this one out.  But then I was haunted by the fact that there are over 12 million books on Amazon alone, and that didn’t stop me from writing books.  When someone asked me why I would want to write a book with so many books competing against my book, I wanted to shout my answer: “Why in the world would I not follow my dream of writing a book, just because there are too many books in the world?! We write books because we have a passion to have our words heard, and a dream of being able to change a life, or maybe even the world, by doing it!”  Coincidently, that’s just what a podcast can do.

Excuse number two focused more on who would actually listen.  To be clear, those ridiculous numbers of books and podcasts shouldn’t really scare anyone.  Assuming you’re prepared to work hard to sell your book, it doesn’t take that many sales to leave other books in the dust. Recently, there was a report saying that less than 5% of books written, sell more than 5,000 copies.  Similarly in the podcast world, the majority of podcasters quit after less than ten podcasts.  Within a year, by just not quitting, and working hard to record and promote, Pocket Sized Pep Talks left over 2.1 million of those podcasts in the dust.  My podcast rose to the top 10% of downloads, increased production and effort and we’re now in the top 3%! – Shameless Plug #1 

Excuse number three was, quite frankly, the weakest one of all; I wasn’t sure I’d be good at it.  I had been interviewed so many times, I figured I’d make a mess out of hosting, and at first, I was kind of right.  But due to a trusty sign that reads, “Let the guest speak,” above my screen, and some patient friends who let me get some practice interviewing them, I found my rhythm.  I’m a work in progress, but like anything else, the more you do it, and the more you study what you’re doing, the better you get. Don’t believe me?  Listen to an episode of Pocket Sized Pep Talks… the banter will knock your sox off! – Shameless Plug #2 – Besides, who wants to get in the habit of giving up on any dream, just because you might not be good at it? Remember, you have the potential to have your words heard, and possibly change a life, or maybe even the world. 

I get it now, and truly enjoy podcasting. If you have a dream to be heard, and see where those words might just take you, I want you to consider taking a shot at starting a podcast. Now that you have a sense of my journey, here’s what’s in it for you to take a shot at yours:

  1. It Increases Your Mental Agility®.  Unlike the slow process of writing and rewriting, podcasts move in only one direction; forward and fast.  It’s a little like the challenge of selling.  Anyone can ask a question that’s been written down for them, but you’ll learn valuable skills from locking into the response you are hearing, staying put, trusting your instincts, and digging deeper with even more questions.  You will get plenty of practice here.
  2. Meeting others.  I’ve been writing BLArticles® for close to 14 years now, sitting alone, having conversations with myself, and hitting my deadline to post 368 times.  Fear not BLArticle® nation, I intend to continue, but I’ve had the privilege of meeting some fascinating people whom I never would have met while writing a BLArticle®.
  3. Finding business.  I’m a podcaster, and a writer, but I make a living as a professional speaker and coach.  I won’t tell you how many podcast guests I’ve interviewed who have directly led me to future work, but I will tell you this:  I’d need more than two hands to count the number.
  4. Networking.  You may not know this, but most of us are in two businesses; the one with the name on our business card, and the networking business. By engaging in conversations with publicists, support staff, guests, other podcasters who want you on their shows, and of course, listeners, it’s shocking how much faster your network grows when you conduct a podcast.   

So, if podcasting has been a dream of yours, it’s time for you to look past the excuses. With about $100 you’d need to spend for equipment, and another $15 a month for services needed, you could be in the game.  We’re rooting for you here at Pocket Sized Pep Talks… where we bring you fascinating interviews on Mondays, and yours truly for a pep talk on Wednesdays! – Shameless Plug #3 – You never know until you try.

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