The Number One Sales Tactic for 2023 According to MarketingProfs!

This article from marketingProfs lists 23 sales tactics for 2023 and which is number 1?

"1. Master virtual selling"

Like it or not, virtual selling is here to stay. Across industries and job functions, reports from McKinsey, Gartner, and others agree that virtual is the new normal.

Sellers must go beyond showing up well in virtual sales meetings with the right background, lighting, audio and video quality, and a professional appearance. Sales reps must be prepared to seamlessly shift to selling in the digital environment: collaborating effectively, building relationships and trust, and using virtual tools."

We call it walking digital corridors and having digital conversations. 

1. It isn't about spam. This connection requests, where you either get pitched or people connect and pitch, isn't social selling, it's spam.  

2. It isn't "Linkedin training", yes you need to know a bit about Linkedin, but to be successful and move the needle requires you to be "social". You need to be able to walk digital corridors and have digital conversations. If your target customer does not use Linkedin but uses Instagram, a Linkedin course isn't much use to you. 

3. We define social selling as 

"Using your presence and behavior on social media to build influence, make connections, grow relationships and trust, which leads to conversation and commercial interaction."

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