The Honey Badger Tattoo

I don’t have a tattoo, but if I did it would be a honey badger.

They never give up, have thick skin and, whilst usually peaceful, are ferocious in a fight.

Tattoos remind us of what we want to remember.

People we don’t want to forget. Events that define us. Ideals we aspire to.

A business mission, purpose, vision and plan are a lot to remember. I know I don’t remember all of it, which is why I carry it in a Journal, written down in the same place that I record my progress week-by-week and my metrics quarter-by-quarter.

What I do remember is the short phrase I created to remind me in the day-to-day of what I’m aiming to achieve.

This time around it’s, “The best coaching system ever seen”

Last time around it was, “1,000 stories of business success”

I remember many of the ones I helped create with my clients.

“Live Better, Work Better, Be Better”

“In a fleeting moment, help them see how much we care and how much they can achieve”

“From Resources to Wealth to Freedom”

“Build the machine to empower people to do more, better”

It’s this important phrase – which often has nothing to do with your clients, your value proposition or anything external – that allows a plan, in all its detail, to exist beyond the pages of your planning documentation and instead become an idea, both in your own head and the heads of those who will help you make it happen.

Then it can do its motivational magic.

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