The Financial Advisor’s Guide to Instagram

Written by: Samantha Russell

Social media has become a central point in marketing and advertisement. One of the biggest platforms is Instagram, hosting 1.3 billion active users as the 4th most-used social media platform and 8th most visited site on the internet.

It’s no wonder financial advisors might want to explore the platform as a means of engagement.

In this article, we’ll look at the unique benefits of Instagram, Instagram’s average audience, how to create your Instagram profile, and examples of effective ones.

The Unique Benefits of Marketing on Instagram

Starting on a new social platform can be a difficult challenge, which begs the question of whether or not the benefits outweigh the challenge.

For Instagram, the answer is a massive yes. Here are some of the unique and wonderful benefits Instagram can bring to your advisory:

  • Reach more people; with over 1.3 billion active users, there’s no limit to how far you can go
  • Interact and engage with clients; it’s easy to interact with clients and customers by engaging in discussion and receiving valuable feedback
  • Showcase your products/services; 83% of Instagram users discover new products/services
  • Observe your competition; watch your competitor’s marketing efforts and strategies while improving your own
  • Build a brand; 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business, establish a presence and build your brand image

All the benefits above are perfect for financial advisors. Being able to reach a larger audience will allow advisors to grow their firm and build a brand. In addition, having an additional vehicle for communicating and engaging with clients will help build trust and secure loyalty. Instagram brings various benefits that are too good to ignore, no matter where you are in your advisory career. Whether you’re starting a new firm or continuing to grow an old one, the benefits that Instagram offer are key to making your advisory flourish and growing your client base.

Instagram’s Average Audience

On Instagram, 60% of the audience is people aged 18-34, making it an ideal platform for those whose audience consists of young adults and millennials. But that also leaves the other 40% as possible target audiences if you’re looking for an older crowd like those planning their retirement or middle-aged adults.

graph showing instagram user statistics

Starting Your Instagram Profile

Of course, the first step any financial advisor must take when taking to Instagram is to create a user profile. This is where the magic happens. With an account, you’re able to post images, videos, and reels that can be seen by Instagram users. Below, you’ll see the easiest way to get started with creating an Instagram account.

1. Signing Up for Instagram

Your first stop on your Instagram profile creation journey will be creating an account. Simply make your way to the Instagram homepage, and you’ll see a place to signup at the bottom of the page. All you need to do is click “Sign Up,” and you’ll be on your way.

Instagram login and sign up page

2. Profile Creation

Next, you’ll be met with the profile creation page, where you’ll be tasked with entering the email your page should be associated with, your name/business name, a username, and finally, a password. Once you’ve entered that all in, simply click “Sign Up,” follow any indicated instructions, and you have a shiny new Instagram profile.

Instagram account creation page

3. Your Profile Homepage

Your profile’s homepage will be where all the action is. Here you’ll be able to edit your profile by changing your bio, editing your profile picture, and of course, sharing photos, videos, and reels. This page will display your username as it’s shown to fellow Instagram users. Along with that, you’ll see how many times you’ve posted, the number of followers you have, and the people you’re following. Explore the page and get ready for your Instagram journey.

Instagram profile main page

Examples of Successful Instagram Accounts

Starting something new can be a little confusing without some context or examples. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of successful Instagram accounts in the financial and informational sphere. We hope they’re able to inspire you and give insight into some of the best ways to run and maintain your Instagram account.


HubSpot does a good job of branding as their business is extremely successful, and their Instagram stands out. Instead of a long, drawn-out bio, they simply tell you who they are and link you to their Linktree. Their Instagram profile provides visitors with an insight into their business, what they do, and how they do it well. Not only that, but they share success stories, their culture, and much more. You can also see uniformity between their profile image and their saved stories which helps to further enhance the brand imagery.

hubspot's instagram page

Twenty Over Ten

Much like HubSpot, Twenty Over Ten also takes a simplistic approach to its bio, making sure it’s short and sweet. The bio clearly indicates what they do as a company and once again shares a Linktree. As you can see, the Instagram profile has a theme that can be seen across the profile picture, story, and posts. This uniformity helps a brand stand out as their posts are easy to recognize and is one key to being successful on Instagram.

twenty over ten's instagram page

AllStreet Wealth

AllStreet Wealth sports a simple and sleek Instagram profile. Making sure to highlight their services and features right in their bio. No need to go to another site just to figure out what they do.

all street instagram page

Financial Strategies Group

On the other hand, Financial Strategies Group takes the opposite approach and lets users learn everything they need to know from their website which is linked in the bio. Instead, they focus more on fun and interesting photos of their business and the people who work there.

financial strategies group instagram page

Taxes and Bubbly

Taxes and Bubbly make it easy, using a bulleted list of emojis to share who they are. Their photos are all themed to match so whoever sees them will know exactly who posted it.

taxes and bubble instagram page

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