The Easiest Way To Know if a Company Is Right for You


I once had a client who would say to me, “But, Andy, I’m really bad at predicting the future.”

She was referring to her ability to hire the right engineers for her company.

She’d say they sounded great in the interviews.

Then, she’d notice, after they were hired, they didn’t really have the traits she thought they did.

This works both ways.

Job candidates don’t often know what questions to ask potential employers to determine whether the company is a great fit for them.

I guess, technically speaking, asking the questions is the easy part. After all, you can just ask the ones I give you.

The challenge lies in your ability to dissect the employers’ responses.

That’s why, in today’s lesson, I’m going to give the ultimate question to ask an employer to know (yes, know) whether it’s a great fit for you.

Here’s the question…

“What do you love about working here?”

That’s the easy part and you don’t even need to listen to the podcast to know what it is.

The gold isn’t in asking the question.

It’s in knowing what their responses mean—to YOU…

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