The Art of Cultivating a Stellar Team: Unveiling Secrets to Attract, Develop, and Cherish Exceptional Talent

We all know that building a dynamic, cohesive team you can trust is essential to scaling a successful advisory practice, but how do you go about finding, hiring, and retaining great employees? Acquiring the right people—in the right role—is one of the hardest yet most critical aspects to growth. No people = no scale. 📈

Alanah Phillips, recruiting, hiring, and training extraordinaire, joins The Efficient Advisor, Libby Greiwe, to discuss how to find “unicorn” employees in today’s market without having to invest in “nap pods” or add crop tops to the dress code! 😳

In this episode, Alanah explains how to build a dream team by:

  • Examining your hiring process
  • Creating a culture that balances work and life
  • Embracing modernization and fostering flexibility
  • Integrating new employees with a transparent onboarding process

If you're scaling your team or simply planning ahead, this podcast is brimming with practical tips you can implement to create a flourishing business environment. Let’s go! 🚀

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