Strategies for Avoiding Burnout and Fatigue While Pursuing Big Goals

Many want it. The good life.

The few. They want the great life.

The rest. What’s left. You guessed it. They pursue heights so high most people dismiss them as unattainable.

Whichever group you’re in, I know you’ll eventually pursue some personal Mount Everest.

You know the one I’m talking about. The one that, somewhere along the climb, makes you question your choices.

Whether it’s a project that takes a week that seems like “the longest week ever” or 20 years to pursue your life’s dream, you’re gonna encounter the “B” word.

If you haven’t encountered the B word, you’re probably settling.



Burnout happens.

Ask anyone who’s pursued a worthy dream.

Burnout especially happens during the month of March.

Why March? Seems like such a nice month, doesn’t it?

People generally set lofty goals during January. (Fairly obvi.)

Some quit before the month is over.

Some make it until February before they throw in the towel.

If you’re still hanging on in March…

You guessed it.

Fatigue sets in.

Andy Sunshine is here to tell you, “No shortcut ever gave you what you deserved nor ever will.”

The long and worthy road is filled with a few…”Hang on. I gotta catch my breaths.”

I want to help you make sure you get what you deserve, so I’m giving you a bit of my formula on how I manage to “enjoy the doing” during the lengthy pursuits of my biggest goals.

Just in time to save you from the March burnout.

Let’s roll. And keep rolling…

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