Salary Negotiation Tactics That Get You Paid More!


I wish I could negotiate your salary for you. I truly do.

Actually, I wish I could be with you every step of the entire recruitment process because, technically, you’re negotiating from the moment you send in your resume and cover letter.

Since it isn’t very likely your future employer will let your fun, affable career coach accompany you through the process, I thought it’d be a good idea to record this week’s video for you so you can negotiate the heck outta your next job offer!

Inside, I hit over a dozen tips, tricks, tactics, and secrets related to the Dos and Don’ts of building your salary negotiation power.

I cover BEFORE the process starts, continue to when you actually start, during the job interviews, at the true negotiation, and, of course, round it out with your inevitable counteroffer on your way to the bank.

Enjoy today’s video on Salary Negotiation Tactics That Get You Paid More and think of me with every automatic deposit!

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