Promote Your Firm With the Peso Model: It’s Not What You Might Think!

The PESO model for financial advisor marketing

Have you heard of the PESO model? This groundbreaking framework has nothing to do with the Mexican currency. Created by Gini Dietrich, CEO of “Spin Sucks,” the PESO model brings together shared, paid, earned and owned media to “drive effective, measurable, and sustainable communications programs.” 1 

The PESO model is especially effective for financial advisors as it helps “enhance your brand, build share-of-mind, and derive new business.” 2 

4 types of media in the PESO Model – including shared or social media

Each type of media – paid, earned, shared and owned – has its own unique uses, critical for future financial advisor marketing success.

  • Paid Media: The exchange of money for distribution. It no longer means huge ad commercials or fancy print ads. Instead it includes email marketing, social media ads and sponsored content. To spend your dollars wisely, start by identifying your firm’s target audience.
  • Earned Media: The exchange of valuable content for audience access. This is the bread and butter of PR departments who work to get their businesses’ names out there. Whether it’s a newspaper mention, trade publication article or TV interview, earned media is always free. In the competitive world of wealth marketing, it’s an effective way to enhance your firm’s visibility.
  • Shared Media: Uses your own established audience of clients and followers to boost content through social media peer sharing. With the widespread reach that social media provides, shared media lets you communicate directly with each target audience and market to them and their contacts through their connections. An example is the viral video, a powerful tool for growth hacking.
  • Owned Media: Content marketing. This is the creative material (i.e., content) developed by a business and found on its blog pages or website. The content can be re-purposed for other uses, such as social media posts, articles or newsletters. Developing your own content is especially valuable. It helps establish your reputation as a thought leader, enhancing your firm’s brand.

Maximizing audience and impact

PESO is about using all four media types and finding their areas of intersection to maximize audience impact and marketing potential. For example, once you’ve created content you can share it via social media, amplify it with an ad, and expand distribution through influencers with whom you’ve developed relationships. 

Combining these channels creates valuable advantages, including influencer engagement, partnerships, and incentive programs. 

Want to get started? Here’s what you can do.

  • Internal approach: Work with your marketing team to create your PESO strategy. Begin by defining your current target audience and the niches you’d like to serve. You’ll also need to clarify your value proposition and what makes your firm unique. Your marketing team can work with key advisors to develop content that showcases your firm’s expertise. When your content is ready, it’s time to leverage it across the 4 media types. This requires a weekly commitment to generating ideas and creating new content.
  • External partner: Work with an agency that offers wealth management expertise and can deliver on the four components of the PESO model. You’ll want to consider their experience and success with public relations, social media marketing, and generating content for blogs and white papers. Knowledge of wealth management is a key factor. It will add depth and credibility to the content created for you. 

In survey after survey, wealth management clients express their interest in hearing from their advisors more frequently. With a robust content marketing program, your firm will have a lot more to say.

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