New Year. Activation. Let’s Go!

Friends, hope you're rested, renewed, reinvigorates, and all the other "re's" we hope to enjoy as we begin another journey 'round the sun.

In this fresh start, I bet you're wondering...

  • How do we do/ deliver more with less?
  • How do we reinvigorate an exhausted team or organization?
  • How do we “do” hybrid more effectively?

And on and on.

Any of these land for you?

If so, I want to urge you to consider the power of a Pulse Check. Of course, we’d love you to partner with us. But if not, then run one on your own. Trust me. It really delivers.

Let’s talk why (let me earn your buy-in), and then how (let me give you guidance).

A Pulse Check, well-run, delivers incredible value in some unassuming ways. As a replacement for – or an addendum to – a survey

1. It serves to drive #employeeengagement across your team

Because a Pulse Check – unlike a survey – is a connective conversation. Leaning not just on questions and answers – but real dialog. The kind that invites people to speak up, to feel heard. To see their ideas explored, expounded on, to be validated by their peers.

2. It celebrates the “real” experts

Because a Pulse Check isn’t about “best” practices. It’s about uncovering the right practices– the ones identified by your team and for your team. Because only your team knows what will amplify their ability to Deliver, Develop, #Connect and Thrive. And so often, the best ideas are much simpler than you’d think.

3. It delivers the roadmap for maximizing your resources

Because a Pulse Check doesn’t focus on sentiment. It highlights and captures ideas for action. It delivers a plan that begins with quick wins that relieve the pain points. But then layers on the ideas that drive clarity, collaboration, learning, accountability, community, and more. Whatever matters most to your team.

4. It highlights your blind spots

Because in seasons of busyness (and isn’t that all the seasons, really?) it’s so easy to miss the tiny leak in the big boat. And a Pulse Check is the best vehicle for spotting and plugging those holes – those spots where we’re expending energy on the wrong things.

Have I mentioned how much we love running these? 🤓

We leave your team feeling uber-engaged, and your leadership with confidence, clarity, and a near-term action plan that’s talent gold. Your #employeeexperience heightened. All in a matter of a few weeks.

Or. If we’re not in the cards, run your own. Download our Kickstart Guide. It will fuel you forward.

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