Maybe the Earth Is Flat; Maybe Your Website is Awesome ...

Did you see Kyrie Irving double down on his idea that the world is flat? In case you didn’t, here it is .

That’s a little mind boggling.

We have actual photos that prove the earth is round. We fly around it on airplanes. Explorers circumvented the globe hundreds of years ago . The roundness of the earth shouldn’t really be in question in 2017, but here we are.

Before we get too down on Kyrie, let’s take a minute and think about some of our own beliefs and behaviors that go against common wisdom. I’ll go first.

Tons of information is out there pointing out how essential an active lifestyle and healthy eating habits are in order to keep your heart healthy. I have a high metabolism, so, in spite of my love for a good plate of nachos, I’m relatively trim.

I can eat what I want and still look pretty healthy on the outside. Put a plate of nachos in front of me and I’ll act like I don’t believe the mountains of hard data on heart health. If my outer appearance isn’t affected, I can go right on ignoring what’s happening to my heart or my arteries while I eat nachos. I can live like the earth is flat.

I don’t know what your firm’s particular flat earth looks like, but maybe it’s something like this:

  • Despite the fact that 56% of internet users are on mobile devices , you have a website that people can barely read on their phones.
  • Even though one in three people say they discover small businesses on the internet , your firm has no website at all.
  • You’re still pouring hours and dollars into coordinating large-scale events even though the ROI on rubber chicken dinners is minuscule compared to that of digital outreach.
  • Sending out your quarterly newsletter through a BCC out of Outlook despite the ineffectiveness of blanket marketing vs. targeted communications.
  • Here’s what I do know. You and I can deny the truth all day long, but it won’t stop it from being true. We’re going to have to own up to our false beliefs and take the appropriate action to live in reality. I’m going to need to get back into a workout routine and trade the nachos for a salad every now and then. You’re going to need to look long and hard at your firm’s messaging and methods.

    And then it’s time to make a plan to change.