Launch a Podcast to Establish Yourself as the Go-To Advisor in Your Niche

Let’s say your clients are ecstatic to be working with you. They’re so fired up about the problems you’re helping them solve, that they’re telling their neighbors, colleagues, and friends about you. 

But that’s where it stops. Very few, if any, of these people reach out. How can you move them from neutral to drive?

In this episode, Matt Halloran interviews Mark Hansen, a financial advisor at Second Comma and host of The Quiet Part, about his podcasting experience and how it has helped him build relationships with ideal clients on their own terms. Mark also shares why, after a comprehensive search, he decided to work with ProudMouth and has found his “wildest dreams being exceeded.”

Matt and Mark discuss:

  • What it means to “be your own loud, not somebody else’s mumble”
  • Why podcasting is an excellent medium to educate clients and prospects
  • Mark’s journey with ProudMouth from onboarding to launch and beyond
  • Why Mark loves to leave bloopers in his podcast
  • Standing out in a crowded market (especially in front of next-gen clients)
  • And more

I needed to be able to educate people without requiring them to get on a phone call or Zoom or come to a webinar. I needed it to be easy to share. A podcast fits the bill.” ~ Mark Hansen

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