Is There Such a Thing as a Proper Qualification in Social Selling?

What exactly is training? 

When we started DLA Ignite we always wanted to offer a qualification, we kept away from "certificates of attendance" as they are pretty meaningless. All that means is you turned up to a course and played with your mobile, it does not mean you actually have the skills.

We have seen some social selling certificates banded around, but the people were clearly not social sellers and they fell by the wayside. 

At my last corporate role, we used to have to do corporate training and you just left the videos running while you went to lunch. There is actually training on LinkedIn's training that you can just a video play, go and make a cup of tea and come back and download a certificate for your LinkedIn profile. Again, it just means you know how to scam the system. 

Is there a way we can get a certificate in a business qualification, like social selling and have it audited by a "proper" external organization?

And then there was this .... 

A real qualification in digital / social selling

Last week, Adam Gray, my business partner here at DLA Ignite announced the launch of your certificate in digital / social selling which has been created with the Institute of Sales Professionals (ISP).

The post is here 

What does this mean?

1. It is the only social selling qualification in the world backed and approved by an independent examination body. Here in the UK that is OfQual

2. While it is registered in the UK, the NVQ (National vocational qualification) is an internationally recognised qualification. (We are waiting for OfQual to tell us what level it is.)

3. It means that employee and employers alike can now have a recognised qualification, like any other qualification in English, Maths etc as a requirement or a selling point in the jobs market. 

4. For example a job specification for a sales role may say that the role requires a NVQ in social selling.

5. Or as a seller you can go to employees and say, take me on as I have an NVQ in social selling.

6. As we know social sellers sell more than none social sellers therefore either sponsoring you team to get this qualification will make an impact to your pipeline and revenue in your business.

7. DLA Ignite, though it's associates and partners can provide this globally, either way, sales people tell us that the number one thing that they are looking for in an employer is one that invests in them. One that gives them current skills that will help them sell more.

8. The course fits into the ISP's sales best practice matrix, and as part of the ISP, CPD (continuing professional development) program. 

9. This means that your learning and development team are a place where you can find budget for your social selling program.

10. It provides a benchmark across the world. A benchmark for your company and your employees.

11. If you are already a member of the ISP it needs to be part of your development plan. 

Want to know more?

If you want to know more then please contact Adam Gray or send him an email at 

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