"Ignoring Women Comes at a Big Cost!"

Full disclosure – I copied the entire headline from an article run in the business section of the Toronto Star on November 13, 2019 – Why? Because we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. In fact, it is exactly what we say to financial advisors and the financial community at large.The first paragraph of the article goes on to say: “The male-dominated finance industry is missing out on more than $700 billion (U.S.) a year in revenue by failing to listen to or tailor products for women according to management consultancy Oliver Wyman.” (A respected international management consulting firm operating in 29 countries).After beating the drum for years, it is gratifying to see articles backed by solid research delivering the same message we have been professing for so long. Not that we haven’t done the research ourselves – talking to hundreds of female investors, advisors and financial industry executives we saw the writing on the wall some time ago. We saw that there was and still is a huge gap between what women are looking for and what the financial community serves up.It was because of this disconnect that we started Strategymarketing.ca. We wanted to bring both sides together seeing it as a win/win for everyone. For the financial organizations and the financial advisors who get it right – it means huge potential revenues and for the women they serve, it means finally being heard by the financial community and being better served as consumers of financial products and services.The fact that women represent such a huge opportunity cannot be overlooked – yet there are still financial organizations and advisors who choose to continue ignoring women as a unique and enormous market.Ask yourself which side of history you want to be on – the believers or non-believers – the losers or the winners! Can you afford to ignore women? If you chose women, then there is no better time to grow your practice by acquiring more female clients. They are out there and they need your advice!It is easier than you might think to get one, two, three or even more new HNW female clients when you learn how. Our most popular course, The Art of Acquiring Female Clients takes you through the steps of where to find them and how to turn them into clients, in an easy to follow format A value of $499 yours for only $299 until February 29, 2020 -- with coupon code HNWF29 For more information visit Strategymarketing.ca