How To Know if a Job Candidate Is a Good Fit for Your Company


I know I talk a lot about job searching, but I know a thing or two about recruitment, hiring, developing people, and anything that goes along with employee management.

If you don’t believe that statement, perhaps grab a signed copy of my gold award-winning book The Hiring Prophecies. 

You’ll get my full monte on the recruitment process. Even if you’re not in a hiring capacity, it’ll be an eye-opening view you, as a job-seeker, can benefit from.

There are a limited number of those beauties, but for a few bucks you can get it shipped to you anywhere in the world. I toss in the ebook and audiobook.

Today, your this video is on how to know if a job candidate is the right fit for your company.

It’s a digest version of my proprietary recruitment methodology!

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