How To Increase the Value of Your Advisory Firm

Selling your business is much like selling your home (especially if you built it). Maybe you hire a stager, do some deep cleaning, and spruce up the curb appeal. So, how can you make your business look extra enticing to prospective buyers? You want it to thrive after selling, and one of the best ways to ensure smooth sailing post-transition and anticipate what will attract a buyer is to outsource your marketing.


Delegating to a professional marketing company means that someone else is on it when it comes to smoothing the road for you and the future owner. A high-quality marketing firm has processes to ensure everything runs the way it should- like reliable, in-depth marketing strategies, the know-how to spearhead an effective campaign, and data/metrics reports so you can see measurable results. Leaving these details to a reliable outside source takes a huge task off your plate, making it that much easier for the future owner to step into a turnkey operation.


Involving an external marketing company gives your business access to resources and innovation that you may not have on your own. Since they offer niche services to multiple organizations, marketing businesses can function as networking hubs, cross-pollinating ideas and giving you access to fresh perspectives. Specialized service providers also have the experience and understanding to connect you to platforms you may not be utilizing yet, along with the expertise to guide you toward the best outlets for your target market. Using an outside marketing company injects your business with innovation and connection, all of which give a prospective buyer the contacts and resources to keep driving forward and grow as needed, and that’s all before we get to the creative resources provided by a marketing business that offers brand development services.


Creating a good impression is crucial when it comes time to sell, which is why you should consider outsourcing your marketing now if you haven’t already. If you’re unsure there’s room for improvement, get access to our Social Media Benchmarks downloadable Here, and see how you stack up! Looking for more resources on prepping for the sale of your business? Run through this Checklist from Retirement Daily.

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