How to Improve Your Social Media Strategy

How to Improve Your Social Media Strategy ...without wanting to pull your hair out. 

Audit Your Current Pages--See what your metrics are telling you. I did this recently and found a common theme among some of my "least interacted with" posts as well as my "most interacted with" posts. You can guarantee I am going to double down on what's working and stay away from what did not.

Pick a Weekly or Monthly Content Theme--A month is actually a really long time in social media world, so I recommend starting with a week (unless it coincides with other content in your marketing strategy and is supplemented with timely posts).

Decide on a topic you'd like to expand on for your audience, and center your posts around this theme. For example, a couple weeks ago a did an Email Nurture Sequence Theme where I posted the answers to commonly asked questions regarding email nurture campaigns. It was only three days long, but it kept people coming back for the next installment of information.

Pick at least Two Platforms to Focus On--You don't have to be active on them all, but you should pick at least two: one where you KNOW your audience is spending time and one where YOU LIKE to spend time. For example, my target market spends a lot of time on LinkedIn, but I really like Instagram, so I double down on these two platforms. I don't use Twitter... at all (for now).

Get Personal--Stock photos are OUT. Personalization is in. Write social media posts that showcase who you are and how you help, without looking like a boring old PNC advertisement. Attach a non-professional photo of yourself to that personal caption. Your prospects want to know who you are--show them and tell them.

I am currently working on a digital product to help solve this problem for advisors. If you're interested in gaining early access, shoot me a DM.

Show Love, Get Love--Interacting on these platforms is JUST AS IMPORTANT as posting. As Samantha Russell says, you wouldn't show up to a party, announce your arrival, and speak to no one. Posting is a must, but being social is just as critical. Comment, like, and share on others' posts. You never know who you might come into connection with just from commenting. (P.S. Another way to show love is to tag others in your post, just like I have done here.)

NO Ghosting--The key to social media success is consistency, not just for your audience, but to please the platform gods. They favor the content of those who show up and spend time here. And by "favor" I mean they prioritize your posts in the feed, improving your number of impressions.

I surely feel as if I could go on all day, but these are some high impact moves that can improve your odds of social media marketing success today. 

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