How To Break Free From the Start-and-Stop Marketing Cycle

Start-and-stop is no way to accomplish anything.

It takes much longer than it has to, you’re constantly starting from zero again, and most importantly, you lose any and all momentum you’ve created.

So why would anyone do that with their marketing? 

In this episode, Matt Halloran is joined by business partner and ProudMouth CEO, Kirk Lowe, to help advisors overcome the business growth “killer”: start-and-stop marketing. They share three major consequences of inconsistency and how to create marketing habits you can actually stick with. Get ready to discover the four laws of behavior change — created by “Atomic Habits” author James Clear and tested by ProudMouth — to help you maintain momentum for long-term success.

Matt & Kirk discuss:

  • Why advisors struggle to create good marketing habits
  • How start-and-stop marketing is hampering your growth, and how to break free from that cycle
  • Common examples – and three major consequences – of start-and-stop marketing
  • Why momentum is everything, and the surprising ways it rewards you
  • Four laws of behavior change from James Clear’s “Atomic Habits,” aka simple rules for building better habits
  • And more!

And as you all know, creating better habits is the most important thing to moving forward and achieving success.” ~Kirk Lowe

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