How This Advisor Deepened His Relationship and Impacted Clients

Every financial advisor is looking for a value-add that will make their service unforgettable—something that has a large impact, yet is fairly easy to execute.

In today’s podcast episode, host Libby Greiwe is chatting with guest John Scherer about a super neat value-add experience he offered to his clients—the Legacy Letter. 

The goal of this virtual event was to help his clients create a lasting legacy beyond finances for their children. John gives all the details of his letter-writing event and shares how this tool not only deepened family bonds for his clients, but also redefined the advisor-client relationship.

If you need an innovative value-add that is lower on difficulty and massive on impact, this may be just the thing for you! Take a listen today!

P.S. The Legacy Letter was also featured on the Today Show…it’s that cool! 

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