How Long Does It Take To Get Results From Marketing?

One question that’s always on the minds of financial advisors is this:

How long does it take to get results from marketing?

Some marketing coaches, consultants, and lead gen agencies will claim it can take years to see tangible results from marketing. While others claim that they can get you results in as little as a few days.

What’s the truth?

Well, the truth is that different marketing channels have different speeds. Some forms of marketing can unlock new clients almost instantly, while others can take years to generate results.

In today’s show, I reveal the different speeds of various marketing channels, share why you should pick a faster (or slower) one, and how to align your overall marketing strategy with your unique goals as a financial advisor.

Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • The backwards way lowering your cost-per-click can actually make your cost-per-client increase (1:42)  
  • The cynical way lead gen companies lie to you about how long it takes to get results from marketing to squeeze more moolah out of you (3:08) 
  • How to land a few new clients this week by using this underrated and almost competition-free marketing medium (3:59) 
  • Can you make money from email marketing with only having a few hundred subscribers on your list? Yes, and here’s how to do it… (7:32)
  •  The “Follow-Up Five” secret for turning any qualified lead into a paying client in a business week (or less) (9:16) 
  • How to land 200 new email subscribers from a LinkedIn post that only receives a handful of likes and comments (13:05)

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