How Financial Advisors Can Set Better Goals

Without improving your goal-setting skills, you’ll forever be destined to live life as a mediocre financial advisor at best. Sure, maybe your mediocrity ensures you never have to worry about your bills, but it’s also the kryptonite to living a luxurious lifestyle, where you can enjoy the true beauty life has to offer.

Well, I have good news on that front: In today’s episode, Mando Sallavanti, a young advisor who’s already enjoyed more success and wealth than most financial advisors ever enjoy, joins me. He reveals how he set goals that took him from making $360 in three months to building a six-figure advising business. And you know what? It’s probably much simpler than you’re currently making it. Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • How changing your environment can magically unlock pent up demand for your services and surge you with new clients (3:21)
  • The 3 “bedside questions” every human asks themselves (and how understanding this gives you a license to print money as a financial advisor) (5:07)
  • The bizarre way having an athletic background is a cheat code for becoming a successful financial advisor (6:57)
  • The “making a friend’ approach to sales that nukes the pressure you feel and makes your prospective client drool (8:41)
  • Why planning your wild financial goals around giving all but guarantees you’ll meet—and exceed—them in half the time you otherwise would have (10:22) How simply thinking about your craziest goals and ambitions enchants your subconscious to achieve them for you (15:07)
  • The wicked way the people closest to you start despising you as you become successful (and how to handle this without sabotaging your success) (17:32)
  • One question to ask yourself as your alarm shoves you out of sleep that forces you to surpass even your wildest dreams (21:41)
  • How looking like a dummy in front of your clients actually makes them more willing to pick you instead of another financial advisor (25:12)

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