How Financial Advisors Can Get Clients With YouTube

YouTube is one of the most lucrative and effective marketing strategies for financial advisors. Why? Your videos attract your ideal clients, repel nightmare clients, and YouTube will even pay you to show your videos to your dream clients.

No other social media is half as powerful as YouTube. And no financial advisor knows the ins and outs of YouTube like Dave Zoller from Streamline My Practice. In this episode, Dave shares how to grow your account from 0 to thousands of subscribers, how to get people to sign up for your services after watching your videos, and why YouTube is the single best marketing channel for financial advisors. Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • The only 5 ways financial advisors can grow their business (and how to pick the one that skyrockets your growth the fastest) (3:31)
  • How being a financial expert actually hinders your marketing engine and stifles your growth (6:49)
  • Why you won’t land many appointments from your YouTube videos (and the “micro-ask” trick to reverse this) (9:39)
  • How to start making high-quality and valuable YouTube videos that grow your business using nothing more than your iPhone (17:52)
  • How to get YouTube to pay you to bring your ideal clients to you (21:15)
  • The weird way writing a few sentences on LinkedIn can morph into 261,000 YouTube views (31:22)

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