How Financial Advisors Can Crush It on LinkedIn

Some financial advisors crush it on LinkedIn. They see rabid engagement. They get swarmed with sales calls. And their client roster is filled with high-quality clients.  Then there are other financial advisors who haven’t generated even one call from LinkedIn even though they post all the time. 

The difference? 

The first group understands the patterns of successful LinkedIn marketing, and leverages these patterns to grow their business. The second group, simply put, doesn’t. 

Here's the good news: Understanding, and then applying, the patterns isn’t as hard as it may seem. Especially after listening to this episode with LinkedIn ghostwriter for financial advisors, Anthony Carlton. There’s perhaps nobody on the planet more well-versed in the patterns of successful LinkedIn marketing than Anthony. 

And in this episode, he’s sharing all his juiciest secrets, so you can dominate LinkedIn too.  Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • The Life Events “feature” of LinkedIn that makes it the best social media channel for financial advisors (9:21) 
  • How to become “famous” to your niche on LinkedIn (without writing a single word of copy) (10:00)
  • The dirty C-word financial advisors hate to hear, but is the single most effective way to grow on LinkedIn (12:03) 
  • Why treating your LinkedIn page like a resume almost guarantees you’ll land no clients from it (13:24) 
  • The “Direct Response LinkedIn” secret for writing infectious copy that surges you with high-quality sales calls (16:06) 
  • The “DQRT” formula that makes whipping up engaging LinkedIn easier than walking around the block (18:24) 
  • Why copying and pasting content will bankrupt your business (even if it’s worked for you in the past) (25:23) 
  • How talking about the nitty gritty of personal finance on LinkedIn doesn’t result in new clients (and what to post instead) (27:17) 
  • The dirt-simple 2-line DM script you can do from your phone while watching TV that floods you with new opportunities (36:14) 
  • The “Golden Rule” trick for using LinkedIn to instantly create trust with people who you’ve never even talked to (45:09)

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