Grow Your Success by Getting Out of Your Business


I’m currently in California to spend some downtime before I attend Bo Eason’s 3-day workshop. And I thought that this is the perfect opportunity to talk about why it's critical to get some time away from your office. 

In my 30 years as a coach, I’ve observed that those clients who have a 10-year strategic plan in writing, have a strategic calendar, and understand the concept of time are the ones who were able to really grow their game.

And the more renewal time and strategic time they spent away from the business, the faster their business grew.

In this episode, I talked about the following:

  • 05:58 Why being an advisor is NOT a job
  • 07:42 The fatal flaw of the financial services industry
  • 10:25:The recipe for tactical, strategic, and renewal time
  • 13:55 How sabbaticals affect your productivity
  • 17:09 Why do most advisors end up as a gigantic version of a shopkeeper

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