Follow-Up Emails Made Easy: My Hack To Sending Them Consistently

At least once a week in my one-on-one coaching sessions I get asked about building a better follow up email process. It’s funny because at face value it seems so simple, but yet it’s one of those things that’s so hard to execute consistently. Until now!

In today’s episode I’m sharing my follow up email hack that is so simple you’ll be palm to forehead by the end of the episode. And, it’s so easy, you’ll be able to implement it by the end of the week. Money back guarantee.

A good note-taking system does SO 👏🏻 MUCH 👏🏻 MORE 👏🏻 than just capture what you did in the meeting.

A great note taking system should:

  1. Double as a robust compliance document
  2. Assign tasks to your team without you having to have an additional action or conversation
  3. Capture what you discussed, what you did do, what your clients declined to do and why, assign homework to you or your clients, and capture what you said you’d do next time…
  4. It should be converted into a follow up email communication with your clients (again… without you taking another action)

My goal when I help advisors create their meeting note process is for them to be DONE with that file until it’s time to prep for the next meeting.

It feels so good to walk away from a meeting and know everything you dreamt up will be executed and nothing will fall through the cracks.

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