Earth Day Is No Longer About a Single Day

Written by: Sydney Brusewitz

Earth Day is no longer about a single day. It is a movement to celebrate the actions we take to better the planet and a time to reflect on what else we can do to help our environment. This year marks the 47 th Earth Day, and the focus is to end plastic pollution.

Our team is on a journey for improvement – in every aspect of our business, including practicing sustainability. Below are just a few ways we’ll bring to life our commitment to doing better and being better this year:

  • Don’t Hit Control + P: Save paper, ink and other supplies by printing only when necessary. Since almost everything is digital, we utilize our laptops for meetings and projects rather than printing out agendas or presentations.
  • Walk or Carpool: Our office is in the heart of Downtown San Diego, and several of us live close enough to walk to work. For those who live a little further, we reduce our carbon footprint by carpooling with friends, hopping on one of the convenient Dockless Bikes or calling The Free Ride (aka “The Fred”).
  • TGIF: On Fridays, we work remote in an effort to reduce commuter pollution and the energy used to run our office. In addition, work-from-home Fridays promote a healthy work-life balance and provide the flexibility and focus needed to wrap up projects and strategize for the next week. A bonus: we often find Fridays to be our most productive days!
  • Our Clients are Sustainably Focused: We confess, we love our clients. Not only are they top-notch companies, they are also eco change-makers.
  • Leading global barefoot shoe company, VIVOBAREFOOT is dedicated to connecting us directly with nature by feeling the earth when we walk. VIVO is taking its mission further by incorporating an environmentally sustainable approach to its line of shoes. The Kanna, the company’s newest shoe, is a stripped-back vegan shoe, and the Eco Suede single-footedly saves 17 PET bottles from landfill.
  • Speaking of ending plastic pollution, DrinKup is a smart water bottle dedicated to eliminating single-use plastic and creating healthy hydration habits. Bonus, DrinKup can track water temperature and provide a freshness check!
  • Sipsee is also helping us think about conserving water and reducing waste. The BPA-free bottle stopper fits into any water or juice bottle, allowing the user to replace the cap while easily identifying their bottle. That way, there’s no throwing away half-empty containers or reaching for another bottle at sporting events, family gatherings, etc.
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  • Did you know, waste is a $250 billion industry globally and $75 billion domestically. And, 80 percent of the 170 million tons of waste generated annually in the U.S. can be diverted to compost or recycling – yet less than 35 percent is properly disposed due to lack of education and infrastructure. When it comes to reducing waste, EvoEco is the expert . The company develops interactive systems that show users how to properly sort their waste, with the goal of changing human behavior at the point of disposal and making landfills a thing of the past.
  • There is always more we can do to protect the planet, including changing our day-to-day habits and supporting businesses that are dedicated to sustainable practices. Our team will use this Earth Day as an important reminder to be environmentally conscious every day, and we hope you will do the same.