Driving Customer Loyalty by Zigging When Others Zag

In any organization, large or small, success requires leaders to find a unique way to create value for people through people, process, and technology.

Macquarie Technology Group, an Australian company that has done this masterfully, is the focus of my new book:

Customer Magic is available in ebook and audiobook format and can be pre-ordered NOW for print release on May 28th.

Whether you’re leading a small startup or managing a larger company, Macquarie offers these universal lessons for leveraging your unique value.

1) Challenge the Status Quo: The founders at Macquarie entered an industry that lacked customer-centricity (the telecom sector) and offered high-touch service and a level of transparency that fueled customer success. Innovation requires courage to break away from established norms and chart a distinctive path. Accordingly, create an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that differentiates you from competitors. As part of your EVP, guarantee support for employees’ future growth and marketability. Tailor career pathways and opportunities to demonstrate long-term growth potential.

2) Find those with a Service Gene: Macquarie’s customer-centric focus requires non-traditional technology team members. Rather than hiring for technical competence only, Macquarie leaders conduct behavioral interviews that also screens for a service-mindset and culture fit. Prioritizing alignment with your mission/vision/values and evaluating emotional intelligence will set you apart from your competition. During the hiring process, delve into candidates’ understanding of customer service. Look for individuals who can provide detailed examples of exceptional and poor service. Seek candidates who align with your internal service standards.

3) Leverage the “Humble, Hungry, and Smart” Advantage: Macquarie selects for team members who are humble, hungry, and smart. Businesses enjoy a competitive advantage when their team members possess intellect, humility, and self-motivation. Develop a clear hiring profile that aligns with your organization’s core values. Prioritize qualities such as humility, a passion for growth, and emotional intelligence. Encourage employees to consistently deliver innovations that benefit customers and your organization. Recognize and reward individuals for their service innovations.

Thanks for engaging this final episode in my 5 part overview of Customer Magic. I hope you will consider picking up a copy for yourself and your team.

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