Don’t Get Suckered by Bad Advice on LinkedIn

One of the interesting things about social media is that the barrier to entry to being an “expert” isn't very high, in fact it's zero

Anybody can set themselves up as an expert and give you advice.

While wandering through my timeline on LinkedIn I found a number of pieces of bad advice this week, which are

  1. All of our sales team have to have an SSI of 70  - All the happens is they implement spammy activities, rather than revenue generating activities to hit that SSI target you set them
  2. You measure revenue and traffic to your brand on social media - How many people are on LinkedIn? 1 Billion. How many brands? Nobody cares. Social media is about your people not your brand.
  3. Measuring share of voice vs larger companies. Interesting. We have a 53% share of voice against our competition who have 37 times more people than us. It does not mean we will win 53% of the business, just means we are more likely to be front of mind. Share of voice is interesting but has no revenue impact.
  4. Mentions of your brand (via social media listening) see 2. above, nobody cares about your brand.
  5. Do not measure likes and shares. This wins this week's worst piece of advice out there.  A like or share, shows a person has a digital resonance with your post. If somebody has a digital response then that is rype for a conversation and conversations create sales.  (No likes or shares shows nobody liked your post.)
  6. If a CEO liked your post this is NOT a subjective metric, it's an opportunity for a conversation and conversations create sales.
  7. Anything about chasing the algorithm.
  8. Anybody telling people to stuff their summary profile with key words is wrong.
  9. Anybody telling people to have a summary title is what they do, is also wrong.

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